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    1. Hot Product: Cinnamic aldehydeCinnamic alcoholCinnamic acidMethyl cinnamateEthyl cinnamateAlpha-methyl cinnamic aldehyde3-Phenyl-1-propanol
      R & D
      ABOUT US
      Yingcheng Wuhan Organic Material Co., Ltd.have more than 50 years history of production and R&D benzaldehyde derivates. We supply cinnamon series, ester series and electronic-grade ammonium series, more than 50 kinds of products. We are one of biggest benzaldehyde derivates manufacturer around world. Our products are... [ more>> ]
      • International Market
      • Contact: Yana Xiong
      • Tel: +86-27-88189660 Fax: +86-27-83411474
      • Email: organic@hi2000.com
      • Domestic Market
      • Tel: +86-27-83834596, +86-27-83412284  Fax: +86-27-83411474
      • General Manager:Liu Zhihui +86-13707115681
      • Office Add:A-404, Block 3, Huifeng Corporate Headquarter, Gutian Er Road, Qiaokou District,430035, Wuhan, China
      • Factory Add:No.2 Fazhan Road, Chang Jiangbu District, Yingcheng, Hubei, China
      • Factory Tel:+86-712-3618058